AVC@SL – The virtual Anti-Violence-Campus at Second Life

En este post he querido dar publicidad a un proyecto europeo donde se está utilizando el entorno de Second Life (AVC@SL – The virtual Anti-Violence-Campus at Second Life) para combatir el problema de la violencia escolar. Os pego el texto de la campaña que están lanzando en Internet y espero que sea de vuestro interés.

As a part of the EU-funded project “AVC@SL” - the Anti-Violence-Campus at Second Life teams from Germany, France, Italy, Spain, the United Kingdom and Bulgaria created a 3D virtual learning and collaboration environment in the virtual world of Second Life.

Dealing with the overall topic of school bullying and violence, discrimination and xenophobia the Anti-Violence-Campus (AVC) primarily targets adult education providers, adult learners, researchers, professionals and other interested users. At our virtual campus you can attend courses, seminars, workshops, film displays, exhibitions or other events. You can explore the information we exhibit throughout our campus, you can discuss with experts or simply meet others interested in or dealing with on school bullying, violence, racism and xenophobia.

Apart from adult education the AVC@SL projects aims to support collaboration, networking and exchange of experiences of all working in or interested in the field of school bullying, violence, racism and xenophobia. That’s why we encourage organizations, initiatives, campaigns etc. to exhibit information on their activities, products and events at our virtual campus e.g. in form of posters or video clips. We also offer our virtual campus and its facilities (e.g. a virtual auditorium and several classrooms that amongst others allow the use of PowerPoint presentations or video clips) free of charge for your own events.

For users not being familiar with Second Life we offer materials introducing into the first steps of Second Life (e.g. how to get an avatar, how to make the first steps in Second Life). For all users we offer free guided tours that provide a first impression of our Anti-Violence-Campus and the potentials virtual worlds offer for online learning and collaboration.

Updated information on guided tours, events at the virtual Anti-Violence-Campus, tips and tools for using Second Life and much further information are available at the AVC@SL web site: http://www.antiviolencecampus.org

All users who already have an avatar can find the Anti-Violence-Campus by following the following SLurl: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Anti%20Violence%20Campus/114/126/21.

We’d appriciate it if you could help us disseminating this information by publishing it on you’re your web site or forwarding to colleagues or networks you are involved in.

We look very much forward to meet you at our virtual Anti-Violence-Campus!

Best wishes,

Thomas Jäger (project coordinator)

On behalf of the AVC@SL partners
Centre for Educational Research of the University of Koblenz-Landau (Germany) (coordination)
International Observatory for Violence in School, University of Bordeaux II (France)
CINECA (Italy)
Actionwork (UK)
University of Surrey (UK)
Infoart (Bulgaria)